AutoLS Reviews

A Note About Online Reviews

We are a popular online car dealer. Opinions about us are all over the internet. Some positive and some negative. We do read the reviews and we take them serious. A lot of the reviews people leave about us are simply not true. Sometimes we do have problems, we try to fix them. At times we get completely crazy requests that no car dealer could do.

The fact is that we sell thousands and thousands of cars every year. The vast majority of our transactions have no issues and the buyer and seller are both happy. Sometimes buyers are just completely unreasonable. We get all types of people contacting us all of the time. Sometimes people try to rip us off, or they get mad when they can't get a super amazing car at a super low price.

Buyer anger is not always justified. We can't accommodate all of the outlandish requests that we get. We've noticed that the only type of person that leaves reviews is an angry person. Happy buyers don't really leave any comments ever. The thousands and thousands of perfectly happy customers we've had do not speak up, and don't leave any reviews for us. This is how things go for an online auto dealer.

Buying salvage cars is a serious business. You should know what you are doing. We have good deals on our web site. We make profits by selling in high volume.

As always, your best bet is to stop by our yard in Utah or California and see the vehicles for yourself.


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